About Us

Welcome to LaRose & Co., a women’s clothing boutique where you can elevate your confidence in stylish comfort! 

I’m Sarah LaRose (hence where our fabulous boutique name originated ;)) and I’m co-owner of LaRose & Co. The other co-owner and my favorite partner-in-crime is my twin sister, Niki Nenovich. Niki is my best friend and after ten + years of dreaming about opening our own women’s clothing boutique together, every day is now a “pinch me” moment for the both of us! 

It may seem odd that it took over ten years for LaRose and Co. to come to fruition, considering both Niki and I are known to run as fast as possible towards ideas or dreams that excite us! In 2008-2009, and as we were planning out our dream boutique, my husband and I were also in the process of building our dream home in Waconia, Minnesota. Shortly after moving into our home in 2009, our first child, Charlie, arrived! With a new baby in tow, Niki and I accepted that our dream would have to wait a bit longer to make her grand appearance. A “bit longer” took on a new meaning when I discovered I was expecting again just a few short years later. The world must have thought our family line needed more than one set of twins because, in 2012, I discovered I was pregnant with, you guessed it - twins! Needless to say, LaRose & Co. took a backseat so Niki and I could both fulfill our roles as mothers. Though it didn’t follow our anticipated timeline, looking back, we wouldn’t change a thing about its progression. We’re right where we’re supposed to be. 

My love for fashion extends as far back as my childhood. I’ve always enjoyed shopping and I’ve always loved to feel good in my clothes. My dream to build LaRose & Co. intensified after having children, as I struggled to feel good in anything I’d put on. I became a health and wellness coach in 2018, hoping to simply feel beautiful and feminine in my clothes again. It was during this time as a health coach that I discovered many women who were also feeling defeated by similar frustrations. While I was busy helping women get in shape, I was hit over the head with what I’ll call an “aha” moment. I realized that while achieving good health is important, it’s also perfectly acceptable to find beautiful clothing that fits YOUR body. I realized I feel better when I wear beautiful, quality clothing that fits my body, even if that means sizing up. The fit is far more empowering than the size, friend.

With a newfound purpose, LaRose & Co. finally opened its doors for the first time in 2022! Our goal is for you to have a safe place to shop with confidence, while also learning to give yourself grace as you find clothing that fits your beautiful body. Our promise to you is to always provide you with quality clothing that will keep you feeling fashionable and confident. We hope you enjoy your time here! Happy shopping!