Annabelle Cropped Wide Leg


An effortless silhouette - easy to wear, easy to love.  You will want to wear the Annie wide-leg crop pant everyday.  Perfectly complements tucked in blouses or cropped blouses.  Made in the lightweight stretch linen Tencel™.  Sits above the hip, fitted from waist to thigh with a wide leg.  

Tencel™ is our zero-waste hero.  Tencel™ produced from renewable natural wood pulp in an environmentally responsible closed loop process.  In their closed loop manufacturing system, the solvent-spinning process recycles and reuse 99% of the water and solvent used.

Linen is made from flax.  Linen is woven from yarns spun from cellulose flax fibers from the stem of the flax plant.  It uses less water, less pesticides, less land and easily grows.

Linen and Tencel™ are biodegradable and can revert back to nature.